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Preparing For Camp


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A Day at Camp

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Family Camp for a Day

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Medical & Liability Form
If you have not already downloaded a medical and liability form, then CLICK HERE to print a medical & liability form. The two forms are attached to the registration form. One form must be filled out for each child attending camp. Please print and fill out it completely, then bring it with you at time of registration.

To All Campers:
The adventure is about to begin! Camp is just around the corner and we hope this will be an exciting summer. We have already begun praying for you. Last year was a wonderful experience and we look forward to this year.  For some of you this is your first camp experience and we want to make it a great one. Here is some important information about camp and we want you to share it with your parents.

There will be three Kids Camps and one Teen Camp this year.

  • Session 1: Registration begins at 4:00 PM on Sunday, June 17. Campers will remain at camp until Friday, June 22 between 11:30 and noon.
  • Session 2: Registration begins at 4:00 PM on Sunday, June 24. Campers will remain at camp until Friday, June 29 between 11:30 and noon.
  • Session 3: Registration begins at 4:00 PM on Sunday, July 8. Campers will remain at camp until Friday, July 13 between 11:30 and noon.
  • Teen Camp: July 8-13.

There will be a Family Picnic on each Sunday.  All families need to bring their own food for a picnic on Sunday.

We wish each parent could visit and see what their kids are doing at camp, but years of experience have shown that homesickness increases greatly if parents call or visit camp. We do encourage parents to write.

To write a camper, the address is:

Willow Falls - Icthus
c/o Camper's Name
2800 Scenic Drive
Suite 4-210
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

In case of emergency, call (706) 258-3852 
after 8 PM  (706) 258-3851

What To Bring To Camp

Dress Code: No spaghetti or thin strap shirts;   No short/short pants (short pants should be no higher than mid thigh); No shirts or blouses that expose the midriff;  No bikini style swimsuits



Pen or pencils

Tennis shoes (shoes for activity
and good ankle support)



Summer clothes for 5 days


Toothbrush / Paste

A set of long shirt and pants (for woods/sun)


Soap, towels, brush

Shoes to wear to the lake
(shoes must be worn at all times)


Modest swimsuit-one piece

Bug spray






Sleeping bag or blankets


Water bottle

Stationary / stamps



What Not To Bring

Knives, Fireworks, iPod/CD Players, Video Games,
Cell Phones, Radios, Food (gum and candy)

Parents: Please do not send food or candy to your child

Please write the camper’s name on all items to prevent loss.

How to Prepare Your Child for Camp
Camp is one of the most memorable experiences a child can have. For many children camp is the place they received Christ as Savior and Lord of their life. At Camp Icthus, it is our commitment to provide each child with a clear understanding of the Gospel and how to grow in their faith. Our counselors are just as committed to making your child's time at camp a special one.

Safety is also a special concern at camp. Although, we have never had a serious accident at Camp Icthus; outdoor activities have the potential for danger. If the possibility did occur, you would be contacted immediately and the proper actions would follow.

As I have stated before, camp is one of the most exciting experiences a child can have. However, for a small few, camp is not as pleasant as they thought it would be. Many of these problems can be eliminated by wise parents. Here are some suggestions that might help your child prepare for camp.

* Talk to your child about the positive aspects of camp he/she will experience. Don't dwell on the negatives (homesickness, poison ivy, mosquito bites, etc) or they will expect to be miserable.

* Don't transfer your fears to your children. The natural desire of parents is to protect their children and anticipate dangers. This positive quality can turn to fear. Commit your child to the Lord and expect Him to do great things in your child's life at camp.

* Pray with your child about camp

* Write to your child at camp focusing on his/her camp experiences; not all the things he/she is missing at home.

* Don't call or visit your child at camp. Homesickness greatly increases with contact from home. If you are concerned please call me at camp, and if anything arises at camp, we will call you.

* Encourage your child to be involved in all camp activities. Each activity is selected so all the campers can be involved. Playing tricks on each other and name calling is not allowed at camp.

* Have your child play outside for extended periods of time before camp. Children must be acclimated to hot weather or they will get sick.

* Don't promise to get your child if they are homesick. Almost all children miss their family while they are at camp. Two of my children got homesick and the whole family was at camp! If they know they can come home, mild homesickness can turn into chronic homesickness. Please understand, we are not asking you not to get your child if they are miserable, just don't tell them, "If you are homesick, I will get you". It is better not to say anything. Again, we will call you if the homesickness gets worse.

* After camp, talk to your child about his/her experiences. Each camper will receive a booklet at camp with the activities, lessons, and a record of friends at camp. Encourage your child to complete the booklet at camp. Ask him/her about the counselors, what they learned, and friends they met. You might want to wait a day or two after camp, we do so much at camp in a short period of time the campers are exhausted.

It is our goal to make your child's stay at camp the most meaningful and fun experience of the summer (if not their entire life). Thanks for your trust in us.

Directions To Camp
Camp Icthus rents Willow Falls during our camp sessions. Click here for a map and directions to camp.


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